New Theme: Intergalactic

The quality of free photography oriented themes available in the WordPress Theme repository has always been hit or miss. However, today’s release of a new theme called Intergalactic is a great example of how that’s starting to change in a big way.


Created by the fine folks at Automattic, the Intergalactic theme puts images front and center by using a mix of full width backgrounds and responsive image sizing (which means it works great on big and small mobile screens).

Check out the demo of Intergalactic to see for yourself.

The theme is both available on as well as downloadable for use on self hosted installs.

Personally I love the look of this theme and think that it’s going to be great for photographers that want something separate for their blog or whose website is more editorial in nature (tutorials, stories, assignments, etc.). The theme would also be killer for special photo projects that you want to have their own branded look and feel.